Our skills

JRW is not just a typical leather supplier. We specialize in different leathers and take pride in keeping our customers happy. Together with our partners we spend a lot of effort in product development, providing just the extra service that is needed in an ever changing market related to the fashion industry. Just like any other company we aim for long term partnerships with both our suppliers and clients. We solely work with dedicated tanneries and exceptional individuals who work in the leather business with heart and soul.

Together with our technicians on the spot we guarantee continuity of quality and supply. Before the leather enters our warehouses our technicians re-sort the leather and carry out further quality control. Our highly trained staff ensure that orders are shipped one time accompanied with all necessary export documentation. We always despatch from our warehouse in the Netherlands. Here we hold buffer stocks for our customers based upon mutually agreed delivery terms. Good logistics make it easy for us to supply to anywhere in the world.

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