Welcome! Nice to have you here on our site. It seems you are curious about who we are and what we are doing. Well, we are leather people from the Netherlands. We were founded in the early 50’s JRW – Jan de Ruijter Waalwijk BV- set up as leather merchants in Waalwijk. In those days there was a very prosperous shoe industry in the so called Langstraat area of which Waalwijk is the capital. Shoe and leather goods factories were all over the place. Business was done locally and life was pretty simple. With the decline of the shoe industry in the late 60’s and early 70’s JRW had to look beyond the borders for customers.

Initially the neighbouring countries were visited and shortly after the whole of Europe and from there it was just a small step to go global. Now, some 6 decades later, JRW is a company operating internationally serving customers all over the world. We have a sales office in Hong Kong and a permanent team of quality control inspectors assessing all the products we source. Our vast network of sales agents are continuously maintaining contacts with our clients around the world. We now have our own production facilities in the Netherlands and China and work in close partnership with other producers.

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